Wake Up and Dream!

Hey, wake up. *Smack, smack*. Come on - open your eyes! 

Some mornings do you ever feel like you got hit by a bus? It could be the stress, a lack of hours in bed, or maybe you had a little too much fun and now you're feeling it. Sometimes waking up just sucks. It's moving you from the comfort of blankets, warmth, and the fluffy clouds of a dream...to the feeling of cold hard bathroom floor under your feet. Suddenly "opening your eyes" is a full-on event. Once your eyes are open you "see" the daily tasks that need done, or the needs of your family, which bring life back into focus - and then dang it, it's time to go to work! Moving from sleep to productivity can be jarring.

Are you still asleep (but wide awake)?

Maybe you've been lulled into an apathetic existence via disappointments or monotony...or knocked into a state of surrender by kids/spouse/job...or you're just tired of it all and want to be left alone. That type of sleep is even harder to wake up from. Are there things you should be tending to that you're not because you're emotionally/mentally checked out or asleep? When you finally open your eyes, is there going to be a rush of "to do's" and you suddenly realize you don't have enough time? Hey. *Smack, smack, smack* Wake up. I think I hear your alarm. Your life is waiting for you.

Are you still asleep (but wide awake)? Aside from handling your personal life and relationships, sometimes we just generally feel stuck. If you feel stuck - your first step is to find a way to snap out of it. Phrases like "you need a wake up call" come to mind...basically, its coming to terms with the state of your life. It could be your family, your job, career, lifestyle, an addiction, your health...but it might be time to accept that it's time to change or change directions. Look in your metaphorical mirror and pry those eyes open and take a good look at your life. We all need to sometimes.

You can't start dreaming and setting personal goals until you have 'woken up!' because if you're still 'asleep', your dreams just become fantasy (comfy, nice thoughts). Once you wake up and take assessment of your life - decide what you're going to care about and focus on. What is your priority? Where do you want to be in 1, 3, 5...10 years? You can't start dreaming and setting personal goals until you have 'woken up!' because if you're still 'asleep', your dreams just become fantasy (comfy, nice thoughts). 

Then dream - think about what would be amazing to have happen (ideals)...and then narrow those down to what would be a more down-to-earth version of that (options)...then narrow that down to what you really want. Make that a goal. Build a 'world of potential' with your goals, so that it feels real and you can see it. Then it's about how to get there. You won't go anywhere if you don't dream or imagine what 'could be'. As humans, we need dreams, hope, goals - something to fix our eyes and minds on. 

So, wake up. Get that coffee brewing. Take some deep breaths...and get dreaming! #WakeupandDream


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