The Audacity...

There is a certain audacity to hope, faith, and belief. They look at reality - the hard, cold facts - and say, "I don't believe you."

  • Not enough money to make it happen? / "We'll figure it out when we get there."
  • Why did you even apply for this job? You don't have the job history. / "I have similar experience and I know I can do this!"

  • No one is going to invest in that idea - it's never going to work.

When you've been sized up, as I have been hundreds of times, and been told your idea is not going to work, you're not good enough, smart enough, or successful enough to do [fill in the blank] - it can be devastating. For me, there have been moments where something rises up inside that says (silently) "I don't believe you." I've looked the cold hard facts of "no" in the eye many times and then turned around and found another way. I did the "impossible" - but really, I just figured out how to do what I knew I could do. I kept clarifying my goals and fought for my hope.

It's a fact of life, there is always going to be someone telling you that you "can't" and they are content to hold you down the rest of your life. Maybe it didn't work out because you're 'not done cooking yet' and have some things to learn, or maybe you just need adjust how you are doing it. There are also people out there who don't want you to succeed because your success is a threat to their success. Does your hope or belief in yourself and where you want to go feel audacious? If it doesn't, maybe you should try a little harder.

There are people in our lives who we should listen to and heed their advice (i.e. people who actually know us and love us), because passion without wisdom can also just be stupidity. We all need wisdom, support, and to see some type of evidence of what we want to see happen. When it comes to the rest of the world though, don't let others tell you who you "really" are or what you are capable of. They actually don't know. If you've lived enough life, you know, and if you are pursuing something you are passionate about, then don't let naysayers stop you. Part of true success is having a dream for your life - something you can hold onto and hope for, something sincere and part of you.

An ancient Near Eastern writer once said "faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." Placing your faith in something non-existent is a little outrageous at times. Interestingly enough, most of us have never seen viruses in our own bodies but we see evidence in our symptoms and treat them accordingly. In that case, ignoring "evidence of something unseen" is rather irresponsible. Do you see evidence within yourself that there is something more you are meant for?

You are not foolish for believing you are meant for more. We are all capable of way more than we realize. If you are breathing, your life has value. How much of an impact you make with your life - that's up to you.

This is YOUR life. If you're in some type of metaphorical stand off with 'them' (the people who don't see the hope you see), remember that the person who stands to lose the most by you giving up is you - not them. The way you accomplish your goals may change, or maybe you find a better version of it - but don't just "give up". Don't be irresponsible and ignore the symptoms of what is unseen (your potential, your dreams, using your talent, or reaching your career goals). If you have a dream or a goal - be audacious. Be a little ridiculous. You will usually feel a little crazy before you take your first steps or say it out loud. 

When you're on the other side of that bridge or journey, it's funny how all our fears and discouragement seem trivial. It seems trivial because we pushed past them, and saw what was possible. Believe me, it's possible. 


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